Handloom Silk Sarees

We are supplying superior quality Handloom Silk Sarees. Silk sarees are a luxury and hence special. They are an integral part of South Indian weddings and celebrations. The heavy silk sarees with rich weave and gold borders are very popular, especially in South India. Be it the simple contrast border sarees or those with gold zari dots and patterns, the sarees are authentic and elegant with their rare and superior color combinations.

The main raw materials are mulberry silk thread, metallic thread (Zari) and dye. Dipping the silk thread into liquid gold and silver makes the Zari. This enhances the beauty and the value of the silk saree. The skilled artisans weave them on handlooms, creating a unique hand-made work of art in each saree. The saree usually have three parts to it called the body, border and palu (the hanging end of the saree). To weave a saree three shuttles meaning three single threads of silk yarn along with zari are used. This accounts for its durability and lustre.

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